Sunday, July 5, 2009


For the past week I have been painting my old sewing room that used to be my youngest son Kyle's room. (yes, I am a slow painter) He moved back home last July so, I gave him his old room back and moved my sewing room into our sun room. We put all the wicker furniture into the barn for safe keeping. That room is a lot bigger which was nice. Then in Nov. last year he moved out again. (oh the parents revolving door) But now my family seems to be getting so much bigger now with grand baby, grand dogs, grand kitty, girl friends that we need more space for seating when we are all together which seems a lot lately, so I have decided to move back into my sons small room.

My oldest son and his girlfriend moved out the first of May. They wanted to get their own place before the new baby came. So guess what, me and my hubby were empty nesters for a whole month. Yeah you guessed it my youngest son and his girl friend moved back in. I said "your old room is now mine so you will have to move into your brothers old room". Since their move was a fast one we painted that room in 1 day.

I sure have accumulated more fabric. Oh well! I think I will get more sewing done since I can lock people out. hahaha In the sunroom everyone could find me.
Hopefully some pics of new room soon. Got to make my curtains. OH YEAH ! a pic of Arwen.