Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Project

For Christmas this year I am making my mother some place mats for her dining room table. As I have been cleaning her house I noticed that she has a pair of beaded candle rings that are purple and crystal beads with some pearls. So that was the inspiration for the purple color in the place mats.
I am making the mats 14 x 19 inches finished. I will also use fusible fleece in between the layers. I have never used the fleece before so I hope it is easy to work with.

On the back I think I will use the pansy fabric, so they can be reversible. I have also been contemplating about making the corners curved.
Such decisions.

Does anyone reading my blog
think that the curved corners would be a
good idea instead of the pointed corners?
I am making 6 mats and possible a runner too.

Let me know,

1 comment:

  1. how beautiful do they look - I think the dark colour on the back would be good, and depending on the degree of difficulty round corners would be nice - congrats on a beautiful fabric selection.